Application of Dan Godslayer!

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Application of Dan Godslayer! Empty Application of Dan Godslayer!

Post by Dan Godslayer on Fri Oct 17, 2014 10:19 am

1) Character information

Hello everyone!
Dan Godslayer here, just getting back to Tibia after a couple of months break. I am a level 302 (+/- depending on day) Royal Paladin, roaming the lands of Refugia since the beginning of 2012.
I also have a level 202 ED (Parinho) and level 139 EK (Groggen Vinner), Which I play every now and then aswell.

My skills are, If I'm not wrong, 114/99 (started playing when these damn skilling golems was just deleted from the game.. grr).

Previously I've been in Burning Hearts and Ondska. In BH I was a Vice Leader and one of the leading characters when we did quests and such with the lower level characters - helping others, in guild or not, is very important to me.

As a paladin I love my solohunts at Drakens and such profitable places, but creating a team for some hardcore action in the very depths of Tibia are always welcome aswell!

2) Why would you like to join Shadow Instinct?

I'd like to join Shadow Instinct because I want a place to chill out with people, find new friends, huntingpartners and just having a place to turn to after a laggy death caused by ddos or Cipsofts "remarkable" servers! Wink

Furthermore, I already know some people here, no one told, no one forgotten.

3) Your Story

My journey begun back in the old days. My first char was a Knight called Limmo (short for Limousine in Swedish). Running around the lands of Danubia (of course DANubia, duh) killing Amazons, I fell in love with the game. Since then, I have hade a couple of Accounts and characters on Danubia, Harmonia, Berylia and some more, before making a char in the wonderful world of Refugia.

My Tibian career have had some off periods, but I've always found a way back to this wonderful, but addicting game.

4) Real-Life

My real name is (take a wild guess)... Dan!
I'm a 21 year old young man from Sweden.
I live in a small town about 200 km from Stockholm in my own 4 room house, working with Security.
I am also very interested in sports, where Floorball is the main one.
Of course, some parties and being with friends are on my, as with all young peoples, schedule.

5) Criminal past

Never been banned, never any warnings.
Back in the days, though, I tried this devil's creation we all know as botting! Tried it a couple of weeks on a noob account, then never touched those kind of things again.

6) Anything else you want to say

Yes, I actually have!

* First, I want to know if there are any plans on making Quest Services?
* Second, I just have to say that this WHOLE application is written on my Cellphone while working, haha.

Take care and see you in TIBIA!
Your, Dan Godslayer

Dan Godslayer

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Application of Dan Godslayer! Empty Re: Application of Dan Godslayer!

Post by Anairamaster on Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:26 pm

Hi Dan welcome to SI forum
Nice app i'll start internal vote and let u know in roughly 5 days.
Stay tunned here cause some members may have questions for you.

Regards from An Air Master,
Ricardo Silva
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Application of Dan Godslayer! Empty Re: Application of Dan Godslayer!

Post by Laroto Gogronrya on Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:22 pm

Hello there Dan, we've decided that you will fit in our ranks.
Please accept invitation on our guildpage and remember about our guild rules Smile


Laroto Gogronrya
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Application of Dan Godslayer! Empty Re: Application of Dan Godslayer!

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