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Zell the Panda  Application Empty Zell the Panda Application

Post by Zell on Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:21 am

1) Character information
Zell the Panda (Zell'ik - old name) 328lvl Elite Knight, Created: Apr 03 2006, Skills: Sword fighting 113, Shielding 107.
My first server was a pvp, there i reach ~30 lvl and i die meny times by the pk ;]
Then i go to non-pvp Eternia there i play till 60 lvl and i create new acc on Refugia because some of my rl frients play there.
My first voc was a knight then i have paladyn 60lvl next was a Zell MS on this acc 130 lvl and i stopped play on this MS becouse low hp sux Connections = die too ment times. I never played on Druid.
Guilds As far i remember Noble warriors, Choch, Moonblades, Gost Riders, Pirate Pandas- last one, always i leave guild for simply reason - there was not so meny active players or guild have too meny problems whith ander guilds. Still i looknig for best guild to stay for a long time that the reason why i change guild so ment times, never they kick me out always i left guild. I like to do tasks, quests and i collector of achievements.  

Why would you like to join Shadows Instinct?
Becouse i want to play whith a team, i want to participate in a common quest hunt etc. I saw meny time your members , how they play, cooperation team playing these are the qualities which I seeks to Guild.

My rl name is Mateusz i have 30 yo. Im from Poland but i live and work in Netherlands. My hobby (except tibia ofc) is a fotography.

Long time ago i want to see how to use a ilegal tool to help play just i was interesting how it is. I use a bot meybe 2-3 days to trening on slime thats all. After 3 days they automaticly detect illegal soft and they banned me for 30days. Thats all, after this i never use a illegal soft.

If there is something more what you need to know ask me here or in the game.
Thank you for your time.


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Zell the Panda  Application Empty Re: Zell the Panda Application

Post by April Veriiky on Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:31 pm

Hi Zell:)

Thank you for applying to Shadow Instinct. We will let you know in roughly 5 days if you are accepted or not.

April Veriiky
April Veriiky
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