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Lord Stulzer Application Empty Lord Stulzer Application

Post by Lord Stulzer on Tue Mar 10, 2015 9:37 pm

Hello I am Lord stulzer and that's my application
-My character has been created in 2007 if im not wrong, because already passed so many years, some of them without playing for external problems like studies, work and some others reasons. Lord Stulzer is an Elite Knight in lvl 222 at moment and my skills are 110 of axe and 109 of shielding. I played before in Arcania (now called Nika) and been there in DPFT (Dark Purple Faster Turtles) and others but not as important as that guild.
I'm a player that like to do hunts and quests with others, play alone is boored.
I also like to help others and be friendly.

-I would like to join Shadows Instinct because I have some friends and knewn people in it , probably some of you will know about me

-As I said before, I played Arcania, but there my old guild can't hunt so i can't too ,because of a massive transfer of players to thesse world. But there was Mastrik, a role playing gamer that became my friend and also came here

-About my real life: Twisted Evil
My name is Mario, born in Spain 28 years ago, and working for my Country, I am Militar in Spanish Army and my specialist in it is the "Railways Company" , to make it easy for you, I drive some trains to make transports.

-I haven't criminal records nowadays and I wouldn't have in future because I play tibia just for fun

Thanks for your attention and hope to be part of you soon!!
Lord Stulzer
Lord Stulzer

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Lord Stulzer Application Empty Re: Lord Stulzer Application

Post by Anairamaster on Fri Mar 13, 2015 2:00 pm

Hello and welcome to SI Forum...
Sorry for reply time, we will create a voting threath and let u know the results in about 5 days GL

Regards from An Air Master,
Ricardo Silva
Vice Leader

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