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Post by Berlin on Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:19 pm

Hello there!

My character's name is Berlin. It was created last summer, when me and my friends decided to play together. I left the game last year, after having upped from 1-103 (actual level) from august to october. I love skilling, so my guy has 98/88 without items! I'm an old school player from Fortera, since 2005. I started in Refugia last summer, as I said before, creating my own guild called Zurich. We had 50 active members and played peacefully as a family. But when everyone left the game, it got deleted. This was mainly the reason why I left the game: I needed my family! That's why I feel motivated to start with you again Smile

Since the first moment I saw your guild and its phylosophy I fell in love with it! It completely shares my idea of having a family as game mates and becoming part of this great group of people, where you can know each other's life and get in touch.

I started playing this game in 2005, thanks to my older cousin, who shown it to me. Thanks cousin! I kept on playing and I met my ex-best friend in real life thanks to the game! That's what kept us gathered for almost 5 years (until he got a girlfriend haha). I really feel motivated to start up with this new project and feeling with those willings to play everyday again.

My name is Dani. I'm a common guy from Barcelona, Spain and I'm 18 y.o. I'm studying Digital Marketing at the university nad I reeeally love football and sports in general. My favourite music is Indie and some R&B (for hunts!). I'm very open-minded and I love meeting people from all the world, as well as learning languages and travelling. When I can, I get the plane and go to another country: it completely fills up my soul!

I have never botted with any account, so I don't have any criminal record. When my best friend botted once, I said to him: or you stop botting, or I stop playing!

Thanks a lot and I hope I can get to know all of you veeery soon! Very Happy


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