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Felinee strikes back Empty Felinee strikes back

Post by Adri on Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:46 pm

Hello everyone! Some of you know me already, some of you don't know me already. And since April invited me in either way, I decided to write this application just for the sake of the ones who don't know me. So those who don't know can simply say they don't want me in and April can kick me. Yay! Sounds fun enough, doesn't it?

Very well, I will try to answer shortly to the questions stated on the application rules topic.

About my char, I'm joining right now on my highest leveled one, the paladin Felinee (read Felinée, with French accent!). Eventually, I might decide to play my other chars and join on them as well. The knight Thrandiel, the druid Kamiel and the sorcerer Sirenny. In case anyone is wondering about levels, they are 241, 236, 182 and 130, in that order.

Going on, I'd say I want to join Shadow Instincts cause April asked me to. Or well, I miss being around friends, and I liked quite a lot of people from our old guild, Evolution. Things ended in a very weird way and I ended up not joining Shadow Instinct when it was founded, unfortunately, since I didn't want to join on an alt char only.

My story is weird and a bit long. I've played since 2005, however I made many chars/accs cause I'd get tired of names and even emails (yup, emails) until the end of 2006/beginning of 2007, when I made this acc I play up to today. I've played in Vinera, Saphira, Refugia, Astera and soooo many other worlds, but nothing serious until I settled up in Refugia. Either way, I've been in a lot of guilds throughout the years. The biggest ones I've been in are probably The Hourglass up to 2008, Refugian Greenpeace up to 2010, Blood League up to 2012 and Insane up to 2013. And I loved each one of them in different ways. But times go by and things change. I have never been banned in Tibia and the only notation I ever got was lifted a few days later. In fact, the only rule I can remember breaking was fooling a GM into banning an innocent guy, who turned out not so innocent in the end.

About myself in real life, I'm from Brazil, 25 yo and I'm unemployed again cause I'm too lazy to try getting a new job. Guess that's all. Oh and I only listen to power metal songs, pretty much.

And that concludes it I think. Thanks for reading!


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Felinee strikes back Empty Re: Felinee strikes back

Post by Laroto Gogronrya on Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:32 pm


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