Gras Leor Recruitment Application (i hope its the right place for it)

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Gras Leor Recruitment Application (i hope its the right place for it)

Post by Gras Leor on Mon May 26, 2014 2:46 pm

1) Character information

So my in-game name is Gras Leor. I have created that account on Aug 17 2009 which is roughly about 5 years ago. This is my main character. At the minute im lvl 219 master sorcerer with 82 mlvl. I always only played on refugia. There was many guilds i been in before but most recent ones are Pirate Pandas and Ghost Riders. I left Pirate Pandas because most of the main players left refugia for candia, and after that the guild was "dead". And i got kicked out of Ghost Riders by Plysian for not paying 200k for a present for somebody lol. What can i say about my playstyle... i usually solo hunt on Goroma serpent spawns and medusae or demons yalahar (task). I am always up for a hunt with other players (specially ek + ed).

2) Why would you like to join Shadows Instinct?

This is an easy question. I would love to join you because players that are in your guild are really nice and i think i would fit in perfectly. I love meeting new people specially from all over the world. Also i would like to find new people to hunt with since hunting solo is pretty boring. Another reason is that i would love to finally get a team to hunt some bosses together like warzones, maybe deepling bosses etc.

3) Your Story

My story is pretty boring tbh. Playing tibia since i was like 11-12 years old (19 now). Before i created Gras Leor i used to play alot of open tibia servers (ots) because i didnt have patience with real tibia but then few of my real friends started playing on refugia so i started with them. Im not the best ms in tibia but im proud to be where i am now. Since there is not too many people who would get all those levels by them self (most of people buy accounts these days). My plan for tibia is to get a great shield (my dream item) and maybe level 400. After that no one knows Smile

4) Real-Life

So my real name is Mateusz. I am 19 years "young" fella. I am on my first year of ICT Networking in a college. I live in UK(Northern Ireland) but i was born in Poland. As few of you could guess i love playing about with computers and networks. My plans are to finish my course (1 year left) and then do higher level of ICT and then maybe university. Dont have a clue what else i could say about myself. Dont really like talking about myself tbh...

5) Criminal past

I never had any criminal records, i try to be as fair player as it is possible. Never used any kind of software that is illegal in tibia. Never had any notes etc.

6) Anything else you want to say

There is nothing really i can add. But hopefully this application will go through as i feel really excited about joining your guild.

Gras Leor

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Re: Gras Leor Recruitment Application (i hope its the right place for it)

Post by Laroto Gogronrya on Mon May 26, 2014 3:18 pm


We're gonna start internal voting thread now, and let you know in roughly 5 days Smile

Stay tuned for upcoming question


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