Soul-Master of Refugia application

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Soul-Master of Refugia application

Post by Soul-Master of Refugia on Fri May 16, 2014 9:40 pm

Hello everyone!

So, Here i am to present my application to your family(guild) ^^

1) Character information
Name: Soul-Master of Refugia.
Voc:Elite knight
lvl: 152 Skills: 100/96

about the char itself:
im not sure on the creation date but think was around 2005/2006 (sry cant remember right now eheh Razz).

Ive been in some guilds,dont remember many because i was retired for quite some time (but now i'm back! ) so the ones i remember were  burning hearts(was on it b4 i retired  and i was in miidguard till some days ago with my ingame wife, but since we divorced i left (personal stuff nothing to do with the guild itself =) )

About hunting:

so far i had voucher and been kinda lvling alot alone to get to lvl 150 , but i went team hunt sometimes with anx ed and i rly enjoyed it , so prolly will be up to teamhunt most of the times =)

2) Why would you like to join Shadows Instinct?
Why i would like to join Shadows , well , first of all , i like to have friends in game the more the better, i love having people to speak while playing and the fun of a guild chat , and since i already know quite a few members of shadows ( ahasure, anxious, dhamon, proxy), (sry if i forgot someone ) why not get to know the rest Razz.

3) Your Story
i started to play in amera but back in the days it was hard with the pks so i got tired and came to refugia , because i had some friends still around in here.

Once in refugia:
I created a ed. back in the days ev1 wanted uh... and i though aw well lets go with this Very Happy, but then i got to lvl 30 , and created soul and started training skills till 75/75 i think (yeah back in the time where no offline trainers existed Razz) , after that .. i started lvling on soul, and the poor ed was forgotten for all these years xD.

4) Real-Life
My name is André im 23 years old , and im from portugal .
I'm unfortunately currently unemployed , and basicaly i'm on game most of the time :Pim lvling some other chars so i might not be on always on soul but ill be online ^^

5) Criminal past

About criminal past, i can proudly say i never got banned  or deleted , and never cheated or used bot (hate them all XD ).

6) Anything else you want to say
I have not much more to say , just thank's for the patience of reading all this and i hope to be accepted in ur family and make some more friends ^^

Have a great time in game and out of it !

Best regards,  Soul-Master of refugia ^^

Soul-Master of Refugia

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Re: Soul-Master of Refugia application

Post by Laroto Gogronrya on Sat May 17, 2014 2:34 pm

Welcome to our guild forum!

Pretty decent application!Very Happy

we will start internal voting and discussion, and let you know the result in 5 days.
Stay tuned for upcoming questions


Laroto Gogronrya
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Re: Soul-Master of Refugia application

Post by April Veriiky on Wed May 21, 2014 1:25 pm

You have been invited into Shadow Instinct! Please accept your invitation as soon as possible Smile

April Veriiky
April Veriiky
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Re: Soul-Master of Refugia application

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