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Application rules! Empty Application rules!

Post by Laroto Gogronrya on Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:03 pm

Greetings fellow Tibian.

Are you interested in joining up to the ranks of Shadow Instinct?

Please, answer the following questions about you, and we'll come back with feedback and questions.

A proper application should at least answer the following questions:

1) Character information
Information about your character, such as creation date, level, skills, servers and guilds you have been in, your playstyle (how and where you like to hunt), ...
So basically everything connected to you and your in game life.

2) Why would you like to join Shadows Instinct?
We'd like to see the motivation of yours, why you chose to apply to our ranks.

3) Your Story
So, what's your story? A sum-up of life as a Tibian.

4) Real-Life
Things about yourself, who are you, what are you doing, how old are you, where do you come from.

5) Criminal past

Have you been banned or deleted at any time of your tibian journey? We'd like to know when and why, and what's the way you see the things now.
If you have a criminal past, this is no knock-out criteria. We are more intereested in the way you are now.

6) Anything else you want to say
Anything else you'd like to share - of course related to your application - we'd like to hear.

We ask you to write your application honestly, and the best way you can. Make sure you answer the questions above, otherwhise we will deny it.

Good Luck!

Laroto Gogronrya
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