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Post by Laroto Gogronrya on Thu May 08, 2014 9:36 pm


As you probably know, i am semi-retired due to computer problems.
I finally got my comp, but im still waiting for hard disc to come from warranty replacement.
I managed to run my computer on Ubuntu using a pendrive, it works stable, however it doesn't want me to play tibia, i tried to run it for half of the day.

So here is my conclusion:
Please forgive me that im not present, and if you need anything from me, that can be solved without getting in-game (titles, internal problems etc etc) please let me know via this forum, facebook group or whatsapp group, i'll try to do my best to solve these things.

Staying hopeful for them guyz at computer shop to give me a new HDD soon.

Yours ~Laroto

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