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Post by Ahtrotixa on Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:35 pm


Im Ahtrotixa level 226 (atm) Elder Druid with magic level 83. I have been in Burning Hearts and Seven sage Senses and i love hunting in teams and i get bored too fast if i start to level solo.I also like questing even if it takes hours with mates..

I'd like to join Shadow Instinct because i know the members being very good and fair players and also being friendly to each other .. Also i know lots of members from the past.

I started playing Tibia like 12 years ago when i was a child ( weeks or months for rookgard Very Happy) when there were ppl atking me i would msg the highest level of that server for help ( Very Happy:D ) but as i grew older i learned to atk back if some pk came ! I always hated non-pvp servers but later then a realtive of mine told me to try it so i created a character (Kaitov) to check it out. And look behold ! I liked the kindness of non-pvp-players and this motivation of teamhunting and questing and less hate between the players so i changed world from askara to refugia with my main.

My name is Mert and I am a almost 19 year old turk living in germany .Im not into partying and drinking or smth like it. I have a fulltime job but maybe im gonna start school or apprenticeship later still didnt make a choice.

I did never get a ban or delete but i have to admit there was a short time of being criminal i suppose most of you already know...Here is the short version of the story:
I called Bilal ( Hazeboer, Bildil Mage, Del Ownage, Yullaw... ) to refugia and he came ( rly sry guys for bringing this evil piece of sh... to this server) . And i knew he was a botter so he persuaded me to share acc with him and he botted with my character later then i didnt want this anymore and at the same time my rl friend Emre came ( Emre and Bilal had problems with each other before ) and i started to hunt with emre and do what rl friends in tibia would do. He became extremely jelous and started to lure and lie and insult. This happened a looong time ago and between that time and now i had a long break from tibia. 2 Days ago i started to play again and this guy is still mad...

I cant change what happened but i changed myself and probably and i hope some of the members would agree


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Application Ahtrotixa Empty Re: Application Ahtrotixa

Post by Laroto Gogronrya on Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:40 am

hello there, im starting a voting now

its gonna take up to 5 days, please check this thread regularly, questions from members might pop up

Good luck!


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Post by Mev on Mon Jan 05, 2015 6:31 pm

You have been invited

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